Youth Risk Management

Youth Risk Management

RSM is heavily involved in youth safety and security programs, with much of our work including the design and implementation of resiliency and response policies, plans and protocols (aligned to ISO 22301, 31000 and 27001 standards); as well as the required management structures and strategies by which to effectively and diligently prepare for and prevent, respond to and manage, and transition and recover from risks impacting youth; and those organizations supporting youth activities.

RSM operationalizes these strategies and systems through highly effective and proven training and testing programs; both online and in person. Uniquely our training is also certified by the ILM, HRCI and SHRM. RSM has over 500 modules of instructor led content, as well as over 250 online training programs by which we offer a blended learning solution.

In addition, we support faculty staff working within remote and challenged locations through risk advisory, training and operational support services.

RSM has received letters of commendation from the Governor of Virginia, as well as the Schools Authorities for Virginia and North Carolina for our charitable work in strengthening youth risk management programs for teachers, school bus drivers and children.

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Business Continuity Management Plans (Youth Risk Management)

RSM designs ISO 31000, 22301 and 27001 aligned and compliant policies, plans and protocols. As such, we build pragmatic, scalable and compliant systems which effectively manages risk, enables an effective response to a crisis, and protects organizations from litigation risks and reputational harm. RSM designs the following core policies, plans and protocols; tailoring these to the specific needs of each organization:

  • Youth Risk Management Business Continuity Plan
  • Youth Risk Management Emergency Response Guidelines
  • Youth Risk Management Event Planning Guidelines
  • Youth Program Safety and Security Briefing Guides
  • Youth Risk Management Trip Team Leader’s Guidelines
  • Adult Codes of Conduct (for Youth Events)
  • Young Persons Code of Conduct
  • Family Liaison Management Guidelines

Instructor Led Training

RSM runs HRCI, SHRM and ILM accredited Youth Risk Management programs to strengthen leadership and staff knowledge and skills on effectively building risk management strategies into any and all forms of youth related activities. Our focus is on identifying and addressing risks before they occur. When a crisis does happen, then we enable an effective and timely response to the immediate needs of an emergency, before the organization then moves into the longer term management of the crisis.  Our approach allows management teams to then quickly and professionally transition and recover from a crisis event – back into normal operations. Our program includes theoretical topics such as:

  • An introduction to the needs of developing and managing a Youth Risk Management Program
  • Youth Risk Management from a business resiliency perspective
  • Youth Risk Management and Trip Team Leaders
  • Youth Risk Management Emergency Response Guidelines
  • Youth Risk Management and Event Planning
  • Safety and Security Briefings for Adults and Youths
  • Youth Risk Management Codes of Conduct for Staff and Chaperones
  • Identifying Symptoms of Abuse within Youth
  • Conducting a Risk Assessment for Youth Programs
  • Hotel and Guesthouse Selection
  • Emergency Verbal and Written Reporting Protocols
  • Cordoning and Incident Control Points
  • Family Liaison Management
  • Crisis Communications and Media Management
  • Conducting a BIA, and Risk Registers and Treatment Plans
  • Command and Control during a Crisis Situation… and many other related topics

RSM also includes scenario based exercises with professional role players to put into practice the theory learnt. Uniquely organizations can design their own accredited training.

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eLearning Program

RSM brings a HRCI and SHRM certified online training program to enable training and testing to occur across a wide range of specific to youth (and associated to risk) programs of instruction. Our specific to youth risk related online programs include:

  • Youth Risk Business Resiliency and Continuity Management
  • Youth Risk Management Guidelines for Trip Team Leaders
  • Youth Risk Management and Emergency Response Guidelines
  • Youth Risk Management for Event Organizers
  • Safety and Security Briefings for Adults and Youths
  • Youth Risk Management Codes of Conduct for Adults
  • Youth Risk Management Codes of Conduct for Young People
  • Hotel and Guesthouse Selection
  • Emergency Verbal and Written Communications
  • Family Liaison Management
  • Safety and Security Awareness for Study Abroad Program Students
  • Female Safety and Security Awareness for Students

Organizations can access training through the RSM Virtual University, or organizations can rebrand the materials, adjust the content, and self-host the training.

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