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As an ILM, HRCI and SHRM certified training center RSM runs leadership and staff training in support of our clients worldwide. However, we understand that costs may limit RSM instructors in deploying to directly support all training needs, or organizations may have their own instructors who deliver training. As a result, we have established a cloud based system where organizations can access hundreds of first class training programs to use within their own classrooms, with courses coming in many different languages. This removes time, effort and cost in developing training materials (PowerPoints, videos, instructor guidelines, scenarios, case studies, student handouts and training posters), and then translating these into various languages.

The Knowledge Vault provides for an easy system of accessing consistent and high quality training, recording participant attendance (allowing reports to be run), and automatically issuing certificates to all participants. Using a certified training program also adds credibility to the training course, and provides liability and reputational protection to the organization.

Courses are designed to be universally applicable, and with ample room for contextualization by instructors. RSM also links our eLearning system to enable instructors to develop, enhance, or confirm their knowledge before teaching commences. RSM can also host your existing training as well, and rebrand ours. The Vault can be branded to your organization.

And, the Vault is always growing, as such new materials are always being added, and RSM welcomes requests for new content development.

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What do we provide

The RSM Knowledge Vault provides a virtual resource library which instructors can draw upon globally, leveraging a deep range of programs of instruction, in multiple languages. The Knowledge Vault also offers instructors the ability to easily maintain training records, and to quickly and easily issue training certificates for their participants for each training session. The Knowledge Vault provides a cloud based system where instructors can access and project training materials within a PowerPoint format, play training videos, read training instructions prior to a class, print off training posters, scenarios, examples and other training aids, and leverage other tools and handouts within course packages.

Our training is aligned to the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 31000: Risk management.
  • ISO 22317: Business impact analysis.
  • ISO 22301: Business continuity management.
  • ISO 27001: Information security management (and 27031 for ICT business continuity).
  • ISO 22320: Emergency management.
  • ISO 34001: Security and resiliency.
  • ISO 22316: Organizational resiliency.
  • ISO 18788: Management systems for private security operations.

RSM provides training programs to address core learning areas, including:

  • Business resiliency and continuity management.
    • Crisis Management Leadership Team exercise packs.
    • Local Incident Management Team exercise packs.
  • Performance monitoring and management.
  • Security, safety and emergency management.
  • Fleet management, driver instructor and safe driver programs.
  • Individual safety and security awareness programs.
  • Train the trainer and methods of instruction.
  • Mini-briefs (micro learning – 10 to 15 minute sessions) on safety and security topics.
  • Criminal investigations and fraud and corruption.
  • Event risk management.
  • First aid and remote operating environment casualty stabilization.
  • Planning and conducting an ISO 22301 audit.
  • Youth risk management.
  • Leadership and project management.
  • Family liaison management.
  • Guard force training… and more
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This unique resource brings multiple benefits to organizations in that it:

  • Offers a ready to use resource library addressing hundreds of training topics.
  • Draws from best in class standards, with materials credited by an accredited training body.
  • Offers high grade and proven training content, developed by world leading experts.
  • Allows participants to benefit from ILM, HRCI and SHRM certifications.
  • Reduces the time, cost and effort required to develop their own materials.
  • Removes the cost and effort of translating materials into various languages.
  • Allows instructors (and organizations) to track attendance and performance with ease.
  • Allows organizations to issue 3rd party training certificates to all participants.
  • Creates a liability shield (distancing) from litigation and reputational harm.
  • Creates consistent training materials, without impacting local contextualization.

Instructors can easily upload class participants into the system – track their training activities and automatically issue out certificates. Reports can be run per instructor, or for group or all instructors as part of the organization’s performance management strategy on learning and testing.

RSM’s Virtual eLearning LMS system also allows instructors to leverage a deep library of heavily discounted eLearning to develop, enhance, or confirm instructor knowledge before they start to teach. As part of our program we offer our eLearning Train the Trainer program to all instructors as part of our Knowledge Vault system.

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