SUSTAIN (Performance Management System)

The RSM Sustain System is a cloud based software which allows organizations to create a readily accessible and easy to manage online performance management system for their organization, departments, activities and locations – focused on business resiliency and continuity management. The system sets out Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for functional areas and locations, against which scheduled performance monitoring occurs. The system is highly personalized, while still reflecting specific international standards on organizational resiliency (creating a credible and proven approach). The system allows for multiple layers of review, including self-assessments by the Business Continuity Representative or Security Focal Point, department or locational management reviews, headquarters reviews, as well as 3rd party ISO 22301 Lead Auditor reviews.


The value of the system is that:

  • It provides clear and easy to understand goals and the associated tasks on resiliency at the point of risk management (location or activity), up through to regional or organizational levels.
  • It provides a strategic view of how the organization is placed within a defined reporting period from a resiliency and compliance standpoint.
  • To removes ambiguity or confusion associated with performance goals and timelines – it explains what each KPI is and what must be done to manage standards and the desired outcomes.
  • It allows management teams the ability to track performance activities in one place – at any point in time – making the process easy and quick.
  • It helps guide and motivate resiliency goals, reduces oversights and a lack of focus and effort, and holds people and groups to defined and accountable standards – it creates the conditions for success.
  • It allows documents and information to be saved at the point of time for that period – as such it offers archival evidence on resiliency for future reviews, investigations and audits.
  • It provides for commentary and detail on minor and major nonconformities, the context of gaps and failures, and it defines the required corrective actions, or opportunities for improvement.
  • It allows reports to be run at various levels to define resiliency outcomes – and to set goals and requirements to meet shortfalls in standards.
  • It can be provided to 3rd parties as a demonstration of organizational excellence.
  • It provides reporting outputs which can be layered and provides clear, digestible and actionable information upon which managers and the organization can act.

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