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Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. (RSM) provides world-class program management services to organizations operating domestically and internationally. Our team works alongside our clients at every stage of a program to help shape and then implement an integrated and coherent approach to program management. This applies during the inception phase where our advisory team provides solutions and strategies that manage risk through field-tested, proportionate approaches that maximize resource utilization, engage with the right stakeholders, identify external support, reduce and control costs, and ensure regulatory compliance… through to start up, implementation and eventual demobilization.


The RSM Approach

RSM is able to fully staff large teams for extended periods of time, or we can provide single individuals for defined short term tasks to handle multiple functions, including risk evaluations, safety, security, operations, logistics, liaison, administration, audits, assessments, interpreter, procurements and training. Often our managers are able to combine multiple roles within a single position to enhance service support, while concurrently reducing costs.

RSM requires our program managers to have not only extensive and directly relevant experience and qualifications, but also undergo an intensive on-boarding program which includes extensive training, briefings and instructions. We ‘upskill’ our team and ensure they have the tools and support necessary to produce effective and timely results for our clients. This includes access to an extensive list of online training programs, a deep library of policies, plans, procedures and training resources, and a defined Quality Assurance Manager overseeing all activities and deliverables.

Program Management Deliverables

RSM can manage client engaged subcontractors, or we also have over 400 global partners in over 120 countries and so we are able to identify external support, vet and conduct due diligence checks, validate services against costs, engage with appropriate resources, and then manage these to ensure that professional standards are in place which meets (and exceeds) the organization’s needs, including for administrators, translators, liaison officers, drivers, guards, cooks, cleaners, close protection officers and other support services. RSM often acts as a fusion point for services, ensuring our clients have the support and resources they need to be effective through turn-key solutions.

Our management controls of in-country resources are robust and comprehensive – and are based on extensive experience working within the international service provider community. We understand that approaches, knowledge, skills, equipment, administrative and financial processes and training varies considerably, and so we upskill our partners and ensure that their organic capabilities are enhanced, and that activities, whether operational, administrative, training or financial, are appropriately monitored at all times.

We recognize that in some cases financial constraints will make it difficult for organizations to deploy large management teams, or short term advisors. Our recruitment pool includes individuals able to not only draft policies, plans and protocols, but also take on roles such as for trainers, the management of vehicle fleets, local liaison, facilities management, contracts and procurement management, overseeing shipping and asset management.


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