Online Training

Our training is accredited and/or certified by the following awarding bodies

ASIS and INSSA provide CEPs for the following courses

  • Crisis Management Leadership Training
  • Crisis and Incident Management Exercise Facilitator’s Program
  • Security Management and Focal Point Program
  • Program Management Risk Leadership Course
  • Chief of Party of Country Director Risk and Resilience Leadership Program
  • Family Liaison Officer – Managing Families During a Crisis Program
  • Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Violations Investigations Management Program
  • Event Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management for Youth Programs
  • Trip Team Leader Program
  • Guard Force Management Program
  • Train the Trainer [MOI] Program
  • Senior Risk and Business Continuity Leadership Program

Online Training Professionals

Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. (RSM) is a world leader with advanced online training solutions, providing hundreds of off-the-shelf programs of instruction, as well as many more designed-to-specification solutions. Our training is used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, and in multiple languages.

We provide both universally applicable as well as specific to sector training, including the humanitarian aid and development community, major oil and gas companies, brand name hospitality groups, global banking institutions, some of the world’s leading IT companies, media groups, educational institutions, construction companies and government agencies.

Our courses are also validated and certified by external awarding bodies, including the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). As such, learners not only grow their personal and professional knowledge and skills by attending our training – they also gain certifications and professional development credits from internationally-recognized awarding bodies.

Off-the-shelf and highly tailored custom online courses

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Awards and Recognition

RSM has also received awards for our social responsibility program to support child safety, including from:

  • The Governor of Virginia                                                   VA Governor’s letter 
  • The Schools Authority for Virginia                                    VA School letter
  • The Schools Authority for North Carolina                        NC School letter

Your Options

With RSM you have options, including:

  • Leverage our existing training through our online University [Learning Management System]
  • Rebrand, adjust and self-host our off-the-shelf programs
  • Design and build your very own unique training programs

Our Training Courses Include

RSM has our own Learning Management System which clients can use to access our training, or training can be self-hosted. RSM has also packaged training into certified programs of instruction, including for:

Family Liaison during a Crisis Program Field Security Focal Point ProgramFraud, Corruption and Criminal Investigations Program
Fraud, Corruption and Criminal Investigations ProgramThe Train the Trainer ProgramFleet Management and Safe Driver Program
Risk Management in Youth ProgramsEvent Risk Leader Program
Trip Team Leader Program

Our Packaged Programs

RSM seeks to offer our clients more for less by providing off-the-shelf programs which can be rebranded, have an introduction and summary section added, and which can then be self-hosted under an enterprise license agreement. These programs are provided in multiple languages, and free languages are included every year.

Examples include:

The Mini-Brief Program

RSM offers more than thirty micro learning opportunities in multiple languages within a group package – and you get to choose a free language and add two new universally useful courses every year!

Safe Driver Program

RSM offers fifteen Safe Driver Modules of instruction addressing fleet management, driver training, safe driver practices, driver security training and motorbike safety in multiple languages – and you get to add a free language of your choice every year!

Personal Safety and Security / Hostile Environment Awareness Training

RSM has a comprehensive personal safety and security awareness program for travel risk management, cultural awareness and for human-made threats and natural disasters in multiple languages which can address the personal safety, security and cultural awareness needs of a global audience.

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Active Shooter Armed Aggressor Training Demo
Aggressive Driver Training Demo
Student Travel Training Demo
Hotel Security Demo
Business Continuity Management System Demo
HSSE Incident Reporting Demo
Virginia School Active Shooter Demo

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We encourage you to explore how partnering with RSM can help reduce your risk and maximize your ROI with our market entry planning, business resilience, risk management, investigations intelligence analysis, and education and training solutions.

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