Immersive Leadership and Team Building Programs

Leadership skills and team cohesion can develop incrementally through shared experiences and by stretching knowledge, skills and capabilities based on intermittent work demands. RSM, however, offers an intensive and fully immersive experience that can greatly accelerate this – creating transformative change within the leadership team through a highly innovative experience. Our capacity building programs are used by hundreds of organizations globally, and use a spine of recognized characteristics of high-performing leaders, as well as integrated and effective teams. This includes: 1.  The ability to gather and process large amounts of information quickly and effectively, 2. Mission-focused task prioritization, achieved under time pressure, 3. Decisiveness under duress – good decision-making, using available knowledge and judgment, 4. Being able to disaggregate tasks and delegate responsibilities effectively, 5. Developing the ability to switch leadership styles with ease that are matched to the situation, 6. Accurate, timely and concise verbal and written communication, 7. The ability to evaluate finite resources and apply them in a logical and prioritized manner, and 8. Being able to work in a multi-skilled and experienced team, including with external stakeholders.

RSM explores, develops and tests these characteristics within an immersive environment and exciting scenarios to add fun and excitement to the process. While the goal is to provide a dynamic learning environment to develop leadership skills and to bond your team – we understand you are seasoned professionals and so our program caters for a more mature audience.

Please ask us for the relief and development and non-sector related scenarios we offer.

Facilitated Local Incident Management Exercises

RSM have established a library of online scenario-based exercises which allow local leadership teams to move through a facilitated emergency or crisis exercise to test decision making, the application of document systems, the mobilization and use of support and resources, and the ability to make knowledge led decisions in a fast, coordinated and effective manner. The exercises offer best practice considerations to prompt discussion, and can be personalized to reflect the structure, documents and practices of an organization. RSM offers a large library of scenarios to select from – in languages – which allows teams to elect scenarios against specific areas of concern, to meet just-in-time critical event planning needs, or to keep exercising fresh by selecting different scenarios over the course of multiple years. The exercise is designed to be succinct, lasting between 30-90mins and culminates in a certification which evidences the leadership team’s efforts to conduct risk and resiliency related learning goals.

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