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Certified ISO 22301 Auditors

ISO 22301 is the international standard setting out the requirements of a fully integrated and coherent organizational approach to the design, development, implementation and maintenance of business continuity measures (the Business Continuity Management System – BCMS). BCMS’ are designed to create fundamental resilience, and enable an organization to recover quickly and efficiently from a disruptive incident.

Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. (RSM) is certified to conduct ISO 22301 Third Party Audits through our in-house Certified ISO 22301 Lead Auditors; including partial or full organizational risk and vulnerability assessments, allowing organizations to identify whether their business continuity approaches conform to this international standard, corrective actions necessary to achieve conformity, as well as pragmatic advice on where opportunities for improvement can be seized.

This not only enables organizations to address risk in a holistic manner, but also supports organizations in being aligned to, or eligible for, ISO 22301 certification.

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The RSM Approach

Our team brings considerable knowledge and experience in reviewing organizational cultures and contexts, and the implications of existing and emerging threats would have to the nature, spread and activities of complex and dynamic organizations. RSM assesses the fitness for purpose of the management structures and leadership commitment required to deliver and sustain the BCMS, as well as the mechanisms that will enable the BCMS to be fully operationalized, ranging from the monitoring and performance management approach, through to the resourcing rationale and adequacy of awareness and competency – and specifically in this regard, where training is mandated by regulatory bodies or standards, or is regarded as de facto best practice.

ISO 22301 Audit Deliverables

The output is a detailed report which defines and grades a 360 review of risk (in all of its forms), with detailed observations and recommendations to close gaps and reduce vulnerabilities.

RSM can also prepare organizations for ISO 22301 certification and conduct 3rd Party Audits to evaluate against ISO 22031 standards, and assist organizations in gaining their ISO certification.


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