Within today’s unstable and increasingly volatile world the humanitarian aid and development community faces increasing challenges as it operates in remote, dynamic and often challenging environments. The risks of crime, LGBTQIA and gender-based violence, civil disorder, the actions of hostile governments, corruption and extortion, terrorism and insurgency, the presence of mines and UXO in post-conflict environments, natural disasters, disease and poor medical infrastructures, as well as road traffic accidents all place people and the wider interests of the organization at significant risk. This makes personal safety and security awareness central to an effective duty of care program – protecting people by building knowledge and developing practical and real-world skills through highly interactive and immersive learning programs.

RSM has invested over $650,000 into a specifically designed NGO training facility [Pandora] so that participants enter into a truly immersive learning environment. This will be the only training center of its kind, with a tented refugee camp, a village with shops, a community center, a restaurant and medical center, customs and militia checkpoints, a military base, a UN base, market stalls, hamlets, and a bullet penetration stand and a UXO and IED stand. RSM has also invested over $100,000 in training aids, inert munitions, remnants of war and gunfire and explosive simulations.

CLICK HERE to read an article about one of our previous participants and how RSM’s HEAT training saved theirs, and their colleagues, lives.

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RSM Pandora aerial shot of entire training map for HEAT training
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Video: H.E.A.T Course

RSM Pandora aerial shot of main village for HEAT training

Main Village

RSM Pandora aerial shot of main village for HEAT training
RSM Pandora aerial shot of refugee camp for HEAT training

The Refugee Camp

RSM Pandora aerial shot of refugee camp for HEAT training
RSM Pandora Aerial shot of UN Base for HEAT Training

United Nation’s / Militia Base

RSM Pandora aerial shot of UN base for HEAT training

We understand the importance of not only providing a first-rate HEAT course in terms of our training content, instructors, training real-estate and equipment, but also ensuring it is credible and internationally recognized. RSM holds approved training centre status with the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM), the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), and the HR Certification Institute (HRCI). Our HEAT course has also been approved by the City and Guild’s Assured Program – as such all participants will receive 3rd party recognized certification for HEAT.

Please note only members of the humanitarian aid and development community are permitted to attend the open NGO HEAT programs. If you are a commercial company or an independent consultant please let us know and we will seek to provide you a course for your organization.

2024 Training Schedule

The training schedule for 2024 reflects open courses, the first 2 days being a Level 4 course, the 3rd day taking this to a Level 5 HEAT course. If you have 15 or more participants we can run an additional course for your organization. Important: RSM provides a learning environment where participants can share personal and professional experiences with peers. As such, we limit access to our training, only permitting individuals from within the humanitarian aid and development community who seek to enhance their personal and professional knowledge and experience to attend. As part of ensuring a positive and collaborative learning environment, please ensure you register for training using your work email.

Date/Time Event
5/06/2024 Open Re-HEAT Course Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
5/07/2024 – 5/09/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
6/11/2024 – 6/13/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
7/16/2024 – 7/18/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
8/05/2024 Open Re-HEAT Course Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
8/06/2024 – 8/08/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
9/17/2024 – 9/19/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
10/08/2024 – 10/10/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
11/04/2024 Open Re-HEAT Course Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
11/05/2024 – 11/07/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA
12/03/2024 – 12/05/2024 Levels 3-5 Open HEAT Risk and Strategic Management, Corp, Warrenton VA

As a world leader in blended learning solutions we provide all attendees one year free access to our mini-brief eLearning program of 40+ micro learning sessions – allowing them to continue their learning. RSM also uniquely has a video-game solution for RE-HEAT programs, offering access to an immersive online exercise and testing solution to organizations at a heavily discounted rate to enable knowledge retention for years after attending an instructor led course.

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Open Courses

RSM runs open courses for Level 4, 5 and 6 programs lasting 2, 3 and 4 days. And, RSM runs RE-HEAT courses lasting 1 day for our refresher and requalification program. Our two day Level 4 program addresses:

  • Travel risk management
  • Personal safety and security awareness
  • Cyber, information and operational security
  • Hotel and guesthouse security and safety
  • Active shooter and armed aggressor risks and responses
  • Remote medical casualty stabilization
  • LGBTQIA risk management
  • Female safety and security awareness
  • Basic self-defence
  • Hostile and illegal checkpoints
  • Reaction to gunfire
  • Mines, UXO and IEDs hazards and risk management
  • Driving when the driver is incapacitated
  • Escape from restraints
  • Carjacking risks and responses
  • Kidnap and ransom awareness and responses

The 3rd day of training for the Level 5 course is an 100% immersive exercising experience where all of the knowledge and skills taught will be applied against a range of scenarios.

For Level 6 programs RSM includes stress trauma risk identification and coping strategies, the personal risk assessment, hotel and guesthouse selection strategies and case study discussion group exercises.

  • Sponsored Courses

RSM can run Level 4, 5, 6 and 7 courses lasting from 2 to 5 days in duration which are tailor made to meet the specific learning outcomes of your team.

  • Using the Training Area

RSM allows humanitarian aid and development groups to leverage our training area, safety, administrative and logistics staff, and equipment to conduct their own courses.

Our team can build a program which reflects your specific training and exercising needs, and we can provide all meals, transport and accommodation.

Hear what others have to say about our course…

As the lead for Global Safety and Security at Oxfam America RSM has been my security vendor for the delivery of security trainings to our staff. The commitment, dedication and professionalism demonstrated during this time has been highly commendable. For our teams at Oxfam who travel and work overseas, and often in hostile environments affected by conflicts or humanitarian crisis events, it is extremely important that highly professional personal safety and security management training is provided; and RSM has always been our primary choice for providing HEAT courses. The course that RSM provides is an excellent service due to its very friendly and well-prepared security trainers, as well as their excellent training facilities.”

              Mario Martinez: Global Safety/Travel & Security Advisor | OXFAM America

RSM is a quality training provider that constantly works to ensure lesson delivery is fit for those who operate in the humanitarian sector. Their courses, including HEAT and Female Safety and Security Awareness, have been met with high praise from within our team. I recommend RSM to others in the humanitarian sector.”

              Nathan Mathew – Humanitarian Response and Preparedness Specialist, Save the Children US

The AFSC found RSM’s three-day, level 5 HEAT course to be well-organized, very informative, and practical.  The instructors and staff were knowledgeable and committed to ensuring that all participants were learning, even if it meant re-visiting a scenario or taking additional time to discuss how a situation unfolded.”

              Lisa Oliveri, CPP®: Director of Security, American Friends Service Committee

I think the course was excellent for someone like me frequently travelling to high risk countries for work and working to ensure staff safety and security. The practical exercises and simulations which were almost real were very useful in offering ‘hands on’ experience. In general, the course was very well-organized and implemented. Highly recommended to people who travel to high risk countries and to security officers.”

              Zia Ziaudding: Field Operations Officer, World Learning

The RSM HEAT was first-class and reflected the unique needs of Lutheran World Relief and the realities of the insecure environments in which we operate. The training provided effective content and a truly immersive learning experience.”

              Umer Khan: Senior Director, Emergency Operations, Lutheran World Relief

The staff at ADRA International found the RSM HEAT courses outstanding, packed with useful information, and an eye opening – life changing experience. Some have even inquired about spouses attending the RSM Heat course.”

              Paul Muniz, Chief Safety & Security Advisor ADRA International

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