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RSM produces interactive and immersive exercising and testing solutions, including advanced Desktop and Virtual Reality gamification options for leaders, staff and support staff. This includes common-off-the-shelf game solutions, through to design-built options.  Our gaming solutions include multiple levels of complexity and interactivity, including virtual reality games for a truly immersed experience which enables both highly interactive individual game users [Oculus Rift], or group virtual learning and exercising solution [through Oculus GO].

The level options include:

1. Video-based single pathway decision-making games.

2. Video-based multiple pathway decision-making games.

3. Interactive simple decision-making selection game.

4. Scan and pan desktop virtual games.

5. Full 360 desktop interactive games.

6. Oculus Go team 360 interactive games.

7. Oculus Rift single user 360 interactive games.

RSM’s off the shelf games start at Level 3, although we can easily produce Level 1 and 2 games on demand. We can build individual and stand-alone exercise and test components, up to integrated learning pathways within a fictional operating environment.

Our games can also complement online ‘teach’ modules to take a participant through the learn, practice and test phases. Your team can download our desk top games directly into participant desk-tops, or for our Oculus GO games RSM can procure, pre-load games and ship training kits with Oculus GO headsets and controllers which can store approx. 20+ games. This allows organizations to receive training kits which are ready to go as a mobile or fixed training kit. Video game training programs will be rebranded to your team as part of our solution.

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