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Crisis events almost always involve people, and the role of the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) is critical in not only protecting staff and their families, but also the wider interests of the organization. In emotionally charged situations where information is often at risk of mishandling, the FLO forms the bridge between families and the organization, providing support to the family of staff members who may be at risk, or who have been injured or killed, while concurrently protecting organizational interests.

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RSM offers a range of solutions to support both individuals and organizations in building knowledge, skill and resilience when managing staff and families during and following a crisis event. The RSM FLO program is recognized by multiple awarding bodies, offering an Institute of Leadership Management (ILM) certification, as well as HRCI and SHRM CPD credits. RSM supports over 800 global organizations in building knowledge and capacity to more effectively manage nuanced and emotive crisis situations.

ASIS and INSSA provide CEPs for the following courses

  • Crisis Management Leadership Training
  • Crisis and Incident Management Exercise Facilitator’s Program
  • Security Management and Focal Point Program
  • Program Management Risk Leadership Course
  • Chief of Party of Country Director Risk and Resilience Leadership Program
  • Family Liaison Officer – Managing Families During a Crisis Program
  • Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Violations Investigations Management Program
  • Event Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management for Youth Programs
  • Trip Team Leader Program
  • Guard Force Management Program
  • Train the Trainer [MOI] Program
  • Senior Risk and Business Continuity Leadership Program
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Instructor Led Family Liaison Officer’s Course

This course provides a blend of online and instructor led training and exercising recognized by multiple awarding bodies. The course is designed to impart best-practice in managing the needs of a family during complex crisis events, as well as then exercising this knowledge through a series of realistic role player supported crisis scenarios. Participants will also have 12-months access to the 16 module Family Liaison Officer eLearning program. The program includes:

  • Day one provides the foundational theory on family liaison during high-stress and emotive situations, including: [1] An introduction to Family Liaison, [2] Understanding risks and impacts, [3] The phases of prepare and prevent, and [4] Anticipating the needs of a family during a crisis.
  • Day 2 continues the foundational knowledge building process, focusing on: [1] The response and management phases of family liaison, [2] Family liaison during specific crisis situations, [3] The transition and recovery phases of a crisis, and [4] Managing family expectations.
  • Day 3 puts knowledge into practice with a series of facilitated and role player supported high-stress scenarios. Participants will rotate through various management roles to experience the complexity of dealing with partners, families and other stakeholders during a complex crisis event.

RSM runs open courses where individuals from different organizations can attend to share knowledge and experiences, or we can run closed bespoke courses just for your organization. RSM also offers a Master Instructor program where we can provide you the knowledge and training tools to self-certify your own Family Liaison Officers.

Family Liaison Officer eLearning Program

The RSM eLearning program offers 16 modules and 14 hours of elearning on the role of the Family Liaison Officer, as well as associated areas of learning. The program comes in multiple languages and can be taken at the learner’s pace over a period of 1 to 5 years. Just-in-Time training can also be used to meet the needs of a crisis event. Seats can be accessed through the RSM Virtual Online University, or organizations can self host the program under an enterprise-wide license agreement.

Code Title Time
BC:046 Family Liaison and Management During and Following a Crisis 65
BC:007 Kidnap and Ransom Business Contingency Management 59
BC:009 Extortion, Intimidation and Coercion Business Continuity Management 80
BC:010 Detention, Arrest and Exit Denial Business Continuity Management 57
BC:011 Fatality and Repatriation Business Continuity Management 52
BC:014 Pandemic, Epidemic and Infectious Disease Business Continuity Management 51
BC:019 Civil Disturbance Business Continuity Management 22
BC:020 Mass Casualty Events Business Continuity Management 54
BC:027 Managing Intimidation and Death Threats 67
BC:041 Action and Evidence – A Results and Proof Based Approach 15
BC:006 Natural Disaster Management and Business Continuity 53
BC:051 Active Shooter and Armed Aggressor Business Continuity Management 59
BC:056 After Action Reviews and Knowledge Management 25
BC:057 Developing a Risk Register and Treatment Plan 13
BC:059 Stakeholder and Relationship Management 35
SM:014 Emergency Communications: Principles and Practices 57

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