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Level 6: Four (4) Day Classroom and Immersive HEAT Course

The four day Level 6 HEAT course includes two days of theory, discussion group and practical training addressing international travel risk management, personal safety and security awareness, hotel and guest house security, land-based risk management, female security awareness, LGBTQIA risk awareness, active shooter and armed aggressor threats, operational and information security, stress trauma awareness and self-help measures, personal and group risk assessments, leadership under high-stress conditions and small team cohesiveness, and remote casualty stabilization. The third day of training is field focused, addressing reactions to gunfire, bullet penetration awareness, illegal checkpoints, mines, booby-traps, UXO and indirect fire threats, carjacking risks, escaping from restraints, emergency driving techniques, remote casualty scenarios, searching vehicles for explosives, self-defense techniques and kidnap and ransom scenarios. The fourth day of the course requires groups to plan for a field-deployed mission, and then implement various tasks within a local community which is then subject to a series of stress-inducing scenarios – testing the participants planning and management of various threats under realistic and fast-paced conditions.

Before You Arrive:

    • Review the joining instructions HERE ensuring you sign the waiver on page 6.
    • Email a headshot photo to (this is for internal tracking purposes and will not be distributed).


Bookings are closed for this event.