Crisis Management

Organizational Crisis Management

Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. (RSM) has dedicated, highly professional and experienced crisis advisors who can support headquarter leadership teams in resolving complex crisis issues, or who can deploy within hours to disaster struck regions taking leadership, expertise, experience, money and supplies into highly challenged and volatile situations.


The RSM Approach

Our solutions are holistic and take into account the myriad of cascading implications a crisis situation can have upon organizations, whether from direct or indirect threats. Our advisors can guide, manage and interact with other specialist resources to ensure a joined-up solution.

RSM draws upon our deep library of policies, plans and procedures to support effective and thought led leadership decision making; while also leveraging our comprehensive range of online training which supports critical decision making at both the headquarters and field levels. RSM draws on practical experiences in directly managing complex and unique crisis situations, our experiences in designing and developing policies, plans and protocols to prepare for, respond to and manage, and transition from crisis situations, as well as our expertise in training leaders at the headquarters and field levels.

Crisis Management Deliverables

Our advisors can act as the communications and decision making bridge between the field and headquarters, creating solutions and implementing response measures at the point of crisis to protect people, assets, facilities, operations, the reputation and the wider interests of the organization, whether from a human-made or natural crisis event.

Our experts have experience in managing highly sensitive and emotive incidents, and have the maturity and discretion to ensure crisis management responses are appropriate, nuanced and above all confidential.

Our teams have deployed to support government, development organisations and commercial businesses, both domestically and abroad for human-made, natural and organizational emergencies. We can respond to a wide range of crisis situations, including earthquakes, floods, riots, murders, intimidation and death threats, severe weather events, fraud and corruption, investigations, kidnap and ransom, hostage taking, hostile media attention, and arrests and detentions.


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We encourage you to explore how partnering with RSM can help reduce your risk and maximize your ROI with our market entry planning, business resilience, risk management, investigations intelligence analysis, and education and training solutions.

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