It is important that organizations operationalize their resilience and business continuity management structures, document systems, decision-making processes, stakeholder engagement strategies and lines of communication through both scheduled and event driven exercising. In order to validate the ability for leadership teams to understand, respond to, manage, and transition from complex and fast-burn emergency and crisis situations, exercising is required. RSM offers organizations the ability to remotely exercise and test both the headquarters Crisis Management Teams as well as the local Incident Management Teams through innovative and engaging crisis and emergency management scenarios.

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Organizations can self-select from a growing library of incident types, including situations ranging from a kidnapping, earthquakes, pandemics, aircraft accidents, arrests, ethical violation, sexual assaults, civil disorder incident, mass casualty situation and fatalities. Over 20 scenarios, at both levels, will be made available – with the list continually growing. The objective is to provide a wide selection of scenarios which allows management teams the ability to select from likely threat types, to meet emergent and just-in-time risk planning needs, or to ensure that exercises never become stagnant.

The goal of the exercising solution is to test and validate:

  • Management structures, as well as critical and prioritized decision making.
  • The ability to identify and evaluate threats and risks.
  • The effective leveraging of resilience and business continuity document systems.
  • Mapping, assessing and engaging with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Ensuring effective and focused communications.
  • The ability to effectively leverage and engage with support and resources.

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The approach is compliant with ISO 22320 for emergency and crisis management, as well as BSI 17091 for crisis management. As such, the program meets international standards. Organizational certifications are issued following each exercise.

Exercises can be:

  • Self-managed – being run by those being exercised.
  • Remotely supported with a technical expert calling in to facilitate the exercise.
  • In person/facilitated with a technical expert being present/using the system as a tool.

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Illustrative Scenarios

Elections and civil disorder

Active shooter / armed aggressor attack

Bomb threat and explosive attack

Kidnap and ransom

Serious road traffic accident

Missing person

Arrest and detention international staff

Sexual assault

LGBTQIA arrest and detention

Arrest and detention local staff member

Threatening phone calls – bomb threat

Threatening phone call – death threat

Suspect packages [explosive device]

Complex terrorist attack

Aviation accident

Fraud and corruption

Ethical violation – sexual harassment

Ethical violation – pornography

Ethical violation – child safeguarding

Ethical violation – misuse of assets

Serious information loss

Pandemic outbreaks

Major earthquake

Serious flooding

Tsunamis disaster

Maritime accident

Suspicious people and vehicles

Facility fire

Event armed incident

Military downed aircraft

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