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Risk and Strategic Management, Corp (RSM) is a full-service risk consulting and training management organization with extensive cross-sector experience. Our team offers a scalable range of integrated and mutually supportive services, including: organizational resilience auditing and risk assessments, risk consulting and project management, the design of certified and legitimate organizational resilience standards and accompanying policies, plans, guidelines, aid memoires and protocols, the development and implementation of certified learning outcomes (instructor led, eLearning, eXercising and videogame), access to extensive cloud-based publications (eBooks) and instructor training resources (Knowledge Vault), a cloud-based incident reporting system (ISER), field-focused operational support services (100+ countries), an off-the-shelf fully resourced security website, a 24/7 emergency hotline, as well as expert advice during a crisis. RSM also provides a 250-person capacity training center, and an 85-acre immersive training site (Pandora).

Proud to be an ASIS Preferred Provider

RSM is proud to be an ASIS Preferred Provider, supporting continued knowledge and experience production for security professionals and practitioners at all levels. RSM training comes with CPE credits. RSM is also an approved training center with the Institute of Leadership Management (ILM), the City and Guilds, the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). Our training and exercising is also recognized by the Security Executive Council (SEC), the International NGO Safety and Security Association (INSSA), the Global Interagency Security Forum (GISF), and DisasterReady. As such, our programs come with one or more internationally recognized certifications.

RSM also design-builds courses, allowing organizations to adjust and self-host our training, or to build bespoke learning against their unique needs.

ASIS and INSSA provide CEPs for the following courses

  • Crisis Management Leadership Training
  • Crisis and Incident Management Exercise Facilitator’s Program
  • Security Management and Focal Point Program
  • Program Management Risk Leadership Course
  • Chief of Party of Country Director Risk and Resilience Leadership Program
  • Family Liaison Officer – Managing Families During a Crisis Program
  • Fraud, Corruption and Ethical Violations Investigations Management Program
  • Event Risk Management Program
  • Risk Management for Youth Programs
  • Trip Team Leader Program
  • Guard Force Management Program
  • Train the Trainer [MOI] Program
  • Senior Risk and Business Continuity Leadership Program


Learn more about our extensive range of individual modules and programs of instruction which span resilience and business continuity management, security risk and emergency management, investigations management, train the trainer, family liaison, event risk management, youth risk management, safe driver training, guard force management, and staff safety, security and cultural awareness. Also learn about our world-class emergency and crisis management online exercising program.

Leadership Training

RSM runs both open and organization specific leadership training programs focused on organizational resilience, business continuity crisis management, security risk management, family liaison, event risk management, trip team leaders, train the trainer, and youth risk management. We also run Master Instructor programs, including for security management and emergency and crisis exercise facilitators.

HEAT Courses

RSM runs both virtual and in-person immersive Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses. We are unique in that we have a 250-participant training facility with an active shooter simulation office and hotel room, as well as an 85-acre immersive training site with UN bases, villages, refugee camps, mine and bullet penetration areas. We run both open and organization specific courses.

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We encourage you to explore how partnering with RSM can help reduce your risk and maximize your ROI with our market entry planning, business resilience, risk management, investigations intelligence analysis, and education and training solutions.

Call: +(1) 209-806-4859 or email: info@rsmconsulting.us

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