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The problem…  increasingly complex and elevated security risks

Within today’s increasingly volatile world students and faculty staff must contend with complex and fluid challenges during both normal daily life and studies in the United States, as well as when traveling or studying abroad. Threats range from active shooter and terrorist threats, civil disorder, crime, gender violence, hostility towards members of the LGBTQIA community, and in some countries illegal checkpoints, police corruption, and arrest and detention risks exist. Cultural and legal risks can also be unique, presenting a significant threat to both individuals and groups.

The solution…

The City and Guilds certified Advanced Security Awareness Training (ASAT) 1-day compression course has been developed by British and American Special Forces, CIA, MI5 and diplomatic protection experts who have operated in more than 75 countries. The ASAT course compresses critical life-saving knowledge and skills to exponentially increase situational awareness and the ability to react to high-stress and high-risk situations… quickly, effectively and confidently. The ASAT course both provides and practices knowledge normally reserved for specialists and high-risk travelers, and reflects the RSM HEAT course used to prepare over 7,000 government, diplomatic, commercial, and humanitarian high-risk travelers.

A unique learning experience…

The course is unique, blending knowledge and highly-immersive learning experiences to make a fun, informative, engaging and truly lasting experience. RSM provides an active shooter classroom and hotel room simulation area, a mine, boobytrap and UXO lane, a bullet penetration area, as well as illegal checkpoint, mass casualty and active shooter simulation areas.

The ASAT Course Content

  • Understanding humanmade threats and risk controls
  • Information security awareness
  • Female and LGBTQIA security awareness
  • Active shooter and terrorist threats
  • Bullet penetration and weapon systems
  • Improvised casualty stabilization
  • Illegal and legal checkpoints
  • Leadership under high-stress conditions
  • Self-defense (Krav Maga)
  • Escaping from restraints
  • “Grab Bag” life-saving emergency equipment
  • Driving vehicles from the passenger seat
  • Mines, booby-traps, unexploded ordnance and IEDs

Awards and Recognition:

RSM has won awards from US educational authorities for our work in protecting teaching staff and students.

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Group bookings are available, and we can deploy instructors and training resources to your University.

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