In today’s dynamic world, organizations at all scales and in all sectors face challenges like never before. Proxy state actors and non-state actors challenge our cyber security, compounding vulnerabilities associated with our reliance on the availability and integrity of data, climate change and environmental degradation is creating more intense and more frequent natural hazard events, pandemics and epidemics impact society at a national and global level, trans-national criminal and terror organizations pose a physical threat to our people and operations at home and abroad, and globalization creates supply chain vulnerabilities that have the potential to disrupt or stop business and operations. In this world, a new professional the “Resilience Leader” is a strategic influencer.

For those seeking to rapidly accelerate knowledge, learning opportunities are often incremental or opportunistic in nature – rather than through a focused and structured methodology which accelerates strategic leadership knowledge. The Advanced Resilience and Business Continuity (ARBC) leadership program is designed to provide focused learning against core thematic areas within a multi-sector environment, enabling the cross-pollination of ideas, strategies, and experiences. The program empowers leaders to speak the language of their functional peers with sufficient fluency to shape effective and integrated outcomes.

The course is designed to rapidly accelerate knowledge and its practical application in a broad range of specialist subjects, providing participants with a robust basis for applying an integrated and intelligent approach to managing diverse threats – protecting people, assets, information, business interests, operations and organizational reputation. The program allows practitioners to both understand their specific role within the framework of organizational resilience – but also critically to contextualize the needs, concerns and practices of other risk owners. The program offers the adaptable tools to support transformative change to an organization’s approach to tackling the complex problem of designing and implementing resilience (and security risk management) programs.

The 4-day course compresses weeks of strategic learning into a condensed, focused, and interesting series of micro-learning sessions. Tabletop discussions, practical sessions, professional role players, digital media, guest speakers and exercising is used to contextualize and reinforce learning outcomes.

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