Today’s increasingly challenging and fluid risk environment requires higher and broader levels of sophistication within the risk practitioner community. Whether a security professional, a risk owner, or a member of a Crisis Management Team or Local Incident Management Team, the ability to understand the complex interplay of risk and resilience is critical in order to effectively protect people, operations, assets, facilities, information, and the business interests and wider reputation of the organization.

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Resilience requires technical expertise within the risk practitioner’s core area of responsibility – but to be truly effective practitioners must have a rounded understanding of how resilience and business continuity functions across the boundaries of functions and responsibilities. Leaders have limited time and opportunity to upskill within directly relevant [as well as tangential, but critically important] areas of technical knowledge. Often upskilling comes through experiential learning as crisis situations occur, and this presents a risk for organization’s as practitioners ‘learn by doing’. This also limits the personal and professional growth of the risk practitioner who must wait for a crisis triggered learning opportunity. The result – stagnation of professional knowledge and the risk of failing to perform to optimal levels during a time-sensitive and high-impact crisis experience. As such, accelerated learning opportunities allow leaders to upskill quickly, and so become more effective leaders within the field of organizational resilience and business continuity management. This program seeks to provide critical knowledge and context on core areas of risk, resilience and business continuity within a compressed learning experience for leaders. And, to do so against internationally recognized standards.

The Advanced Organizational Resilience and Business Continuity Management Program offers a blend of instructor led and online training which provides a continued learning journey for leaders. The instructor led course lasts between 3-4 days, with attendees also being provided 12-months access to over 90 eLearning modules focused specifically on leadership development within the fields of organizational resilience, security risk management, and business continuity management.  The course also provides 4 internationally recognized certifications through the Institute of Leadership Management [ILM], including:

  1. Senior risk leader
  2. Crisis management
  3. Family liaison officer
  4. Fraud, corruption and ethical violations investigations management
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The program includes a focus on the following technical areas – as well as opportunities for discussions and table-top exercising.

  • ISO standards for risk assessments, business continuity, emergency management and ICT DR
  • Understanding threats and risks: a strategic perspective
  • Business Impact Analysis [BIA] and Risk Registers and Treatment Plans
  • Designing a business resilience and continuity management system
  • Designing resilience and security risk management document systems
  • Duty of care and organizational resilience
  • Planning and conducting Crisis Management Leadership Team exercises
  • Designing performance standards around resilience and business continuity management
  • Stakeholder and critical vendor mapping and engagement strategies
  • Structuring the Crisis Management Leadership Team and Local Incident Management Teams
  • Cyber security and ICT Disaster Recovery resilience
  • Building an awareness and competency plan
  • Media management during emotive crisis situations
  • Investigations management: internally or externally managed
  • Understanding financial resilience and its influence on crisis management
  • Family liaison during crisis situations
  • Defining the role of the risk practitioner within resilience
  • ISO auditing: planning and implementation
  • The importance of action and evidence
  • Kidnap and ransom crisis management
  • Arrest and detention crisis management
  • Pandemic and serious infectious disease crisis management
  • Natural disaster crisis management
  • Fraud and corruption incident crisis management
  • Serious injuries and mass casualty event crisis management
  • Fatality and repatriation crisis management


This is bolstered by access to over 90 leadership eLearning modules for 12-months – allowing you to develop additional knowledge at your own pace, and against your own specific needs. It also supports ‘just-in-time’ learning requirements. RSM also offers you the ability to access this program for up to 5 years.


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