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Risk and Strategic Management, Corp. (RSM) provides a full range of integrated consulting, management, training, program management and operational support services, with a business model that enables us to rapidly scale resources to the task at hand, while being nimble enough to care for each individual client and their unique needs.

RSM is proud that overall majority of our business comes from referrals where our efforts to meet and exceed expectations leads to expanding client bases based on valued and earnest recommendations.

RSM is an innovator, leading the industry in developing high quality policy and training packages, investing heavily in the development of our in-house design and production resources that enable our training to be rapidly delivered to individual client specifications.

We have an impressive network of local partners which augments our existing reach increasing our flexibility to respond quickly and confidently to short or no notice requirements worldwide. Our people, systems and products provide a fully integrated solution to meet personalized, complex, and evolving needs.

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RSM understands that alongside the personal knowledge, skills, experiences and qualifications which each member of our team brings to our activities and efforts, that external qualifications also play a key part in ensuring a first class provision of services. As such, we have invested into the following qualifications to further augment our internal expertise:

  • Institute of Leadership Management (ILM): RSM is a ILM international Training Centre and has the ability to provide Train the Trainer as well as Risk Leadership programs of instruction up to Level 6, or to a maximum of 420 adult learning credit (420hrs of university study).
  • ISO 22301: RSM has certified Lead Auditors for ISO 22301 in Business Continuity Management Systems, while also writing Business Continuity Management policies, plans and procedures to the exacting industry standards of ISO 22301.
  • SHRM: RSM provides certifications for leadership training with the Society of Human Resource Management for online and in person training.
  • HRCI: RSM provides certifications for leadership training with the Human Resource Certification Institute for online and in person training.
  • City and Guilds: RSM holds ‘Assured’ Status as a mark of organizational excellence for our HEAT and Female Safety, Security and Situational Awareness program.


RSM has a robust ethics program in place driven by our own desire to ensure that we operate in a legally and morally appropriate and consistent manner, as well as being mandated to uphold the highest levels of ethics by the clients whom we work for; including comprehensive flow down requirements from both the United States and British governments. RSM designs ethics and compliance policies and training and all of our personnel are required to take, and comply with, our exacting ethics standards.

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RSM understands that our clients expect the highest of standards from us, and correspondingly we do not tolerate anything less than the highest of standards within our team, nor our partners and subcontractors. Our leadership team takes personal pride in the work we do. We have worked hard to establish our reputation as an honest, professional, effective and focused organization and this is reflected in how we engage with and work with clients, and the quality of the end results we produce.


RSM is a global company, and while supporting clients domestically, a large portion of our work is internationally based. RSM has capacity in more than 120 countries working along with 450 resource partners, allowing us to provide comprehensive and short notice support to our clients globally. Our strengths lays in being able to provide fast, effective and proven support at short notice.

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RSM draws its leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, blending the best of commercial, military, law enforcement, educational and a raft of other skill sets for complete and rounded solutions. We pride ourselves in providing world class expertise to ensure that our services reflect the depth of experience, qualifications, and skill needed to meet complex challenges. Our leadership team is multi-talented and bring considerable international and cross sector experiences to support our activities.

Social Responsibility

RSM prides itself in seeking opportunities to give back to the community; investing considerable time, effort and funds into our social outreach programs. Our team focuses on areas that support child safety and security; including developing teacher training for active shooter and armed aggressor training and bus driver and monitor security awareness programs. Our pro-bono online training is mandatory for all teachers in Virginia, and all teachers and police officers in North Carolina. RSM has received awards from the Governor of Virginia and other institutions for our social responsibility and outreach efforts.

RSM also supports the professional and personal growth of many our international partners, understanding that standards and experiences differ, and that supporting professional growth benefits not only our partners, but also our clients. As such, we go to great lengths to support management growth, policy, plan and protocol standards, training performance, and administrative and financial controls.

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RSM combines our varied capabilities into a turn-key solution for clients, whether it is providing advisory support during business capture (including writing technical components and developing budget models), being a core member of the start-up team, or implementing program management and blended training services. Our integrated combination of advice, policies, training, management, global experience, geographic reach, speed and physical resources enables our clients to plan, price and implement their work in an effective and efficient manner.

RSM is pleased to support multiple United States government contracts through various agencies, including for awards such as:

  • CN&GT (Operations and Logistics Support Services)
  • MCW
  • SWIFT IV and others

RSM is also active on multiple DFID programs worldwide.

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